SDI Admissions Announced

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SDI Admissions Announced

Fellow coders, it’s time to check your emails for the results of your SDI application. Notifications were sent on the afternoon of 21 May 2021.

The June 7 cohort had a 4% acceptance rate due to a limited number of slots and hundreds of applications. This meant that many qualified applicants were not admitted. Your notification email specifies one of the following categories:

  • Selected – congratulations you are one of a few select Airmen we were able to admit.
  • Qualified, not selected – this means we really wanted to admit you but simply didn’t have enough seats
  • Not qualified – this means your application was either not complete, your Commander did not release you, or you scored below our minimum threshold on the pre-assessment. We encourage you to continue doing the pre-work and check out them many self paced courses at

Thank you to everyone who applied. While we hope to offer another cohort again in the future we do not currently have one funded. Units may fund their own, if your unit is interested and has the funds please contact us and we can put you in touch with the vendor.