Our Projects

MQF - Built by Airmen

An app to help USAF Aircrew study their Master Question File tests. Currently has data for C-17s with plans for several more MAF aircraft. Check out our FAQs here: MQF FAQs. View the Source Code .

Want to help add more aircraft? Contact us at AirmenCoders [at] us.af.mil

Mission Tools

React Native base app to help crews manage their missions and crew rests. Join the team by contacting us or checking out the in-progress Source Code

Bussin’ Around

The bus schedule for the Deid. Currently working on open sourceing the source code, Download it on the App Store.

DSN Europe

DSN phone numbers are part of our everyday life as military members. Sometimes not having access to the right conversion outside of the office can be very frustrating. With DSN Europe you can dial a DSN number right from your cell phone and our algorithm will make the necessary conversion to a commercial phone number. Download it on the App Store.