Test Driven Development Workshop with Digitize

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Use test driven development to create a simple to-do application on a .mil domain with Digitize!

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About this event

Are you interested in developing simple web based applications for your work center? Join the Digitize team for a code along workshop in which you will develop a simple to-do app. In this workshop, you’ll learn:

  • How to use test driven development on the Digitize platform
  • How to get your application to a staging environment
  • How to manage Content Security Policy (CSP) in Digitize and how it protects your application from cybersecurity threats

What is Digitize?

Digitize is a platform to quickly deploy simple frontend web solutions. (Think: GitHub Pages for DoD)

Benefits of Digitize:

  • Quick deployment of single page applications and websites to a .mil environment
  • Rapid/abridged cATO or CtF process.
  • Able to access applications on personal computers and smartphones.

Digitize allows for:

  • Pure client side utility apps
  • Testing frontend microservices
  • Static site documentation websites
  • Semi dynamic applications w/ Scratch Space integration

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