This course is an intensive 12-week software development program that will prepare you with critical skills in software engineering. Software touches everything in the military, and this program will teach you the skills needed to master software engineering and build real working programs. We are looking for servicemembers who enjoy problem-solving and want to take their technical skills to the next level. Although no previous experience is required, our entrance assessment will require some basic programming skills.

We strongly recommend you go through the available prep work that will prepare you with basic programming skills needed to pass our assessment and be accepted to the program. Alternatively, if you are already proficient in Javascript, you are welcome to take the assessment without doing prep work.

Course Details

This full-time formal course runs on a Monday-Friday schedule (9-5PM CST). The program will be taken entirely online. Please note: you will need approval from your Commander in order to join.

Course Objective

By the end of this class you will be able to build and deploy full stack applications and contribute to a software team.

Application Requirements

You must complete the following 3 items to officially apply for this course:

  • Complete the survey
  • Complete the Commander approval process
  • Complete the pre-assessment (this assessment can only be submitted one time) Your application is not complete and will not be considered until all of the above requirements are met.

Course Tech Requirements

  • A development capable laptop
  • Must be able to install programs including Git, VSCode, node, npm, and docker.
  • Macs are ideal but PCs will work as well
  • A working webcam & mic (ZoomGov is used for instruction)

In general NIPR computers do not meet course requirments, some units have special permissions on their NIPR machines but this is the exception. Note: personal computers are allowed to be used.

Can I do my normal job while in this course?

No. This is a full time formal training course, you will be working full days plus homework. Unit leadership should treat you as if you were TDY.

What are the costs to me or my unit?

None. The course is paid for and is a virtual TDY so no travel expenses will be required.

I’m guard/reserve, can I get days for this course?

Unfortunately, Airmen Coders and Tron do not have MPA or any other types of guard/reserve days for this course. Members are encouraged to talk to their units about being put on orders for the duration of the course, this is between the member and their unit. The SDI does not require a specific duty status.

The cost of the course is covered by Tron, no TDY costs are required, however funding the member’s days is up to the sponsoring unit. Members will be expected to attend class M-F and as such should not be expected to be available to drill during the week.

Can I attend in ART status?

Yes, all the same rquirements for CC release and class attendance apply. See above more guard/reserve details.

What do I get when I complete the course?

Officers, Enlisted, and Civilian members will receive an LOE.

Who should I reach out to with questions?

If you are in the Space Force, please reach out to supra.coders [at]

Otherwise, please reach out to airmencoders [at]