AF Coding Internship - Information for Commanders


In the current global landscape, if we fail to aggressively & immediately expand and nurture our internal digital talent, we will be faced with an insurmountable knowledge gap vis a vis our peers and adversaries. Attacking this problem requires an end-to-end solution for Airmen to interact with, understand, and contribute to programs across multiple domains in more than a simple project management capacity. -LAUREN B. KNAUSENBERGER, SES, USAF Chief Transformation Officer, USAF

Do I have to send my Airmen?


For any members awaiting tech school, Headquarters Air Force’s intent is that selectees are afforded full-time dedication toward this program until their tech school begins. For all other Airmen, unit leadership will have the final determination on their attendance. Although this offer provides a great opportunity for selectees, the program is not meant to put undue strain on units.